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    The purpose of this page is to share with you some things that I have learned as a Drill Sergeant in the BCT environment and to share some of the mistakes that I’ve made or seen other Drill Sergeants make.  These are NOT in order of importance.

              Tape your own smoke grenade to a very long stick during Victory Forge.  Make sure you have a long stick and if another Drill Sergeant offers to tape it on the end of the stick for you, politely decline.  This is because another Drill Sergeant will tape the smoke grenade on upside down and laugh as you smoke yourself into dropping the stick.

             When working the live grenade range try to get the detail in the tower.  While counting the number of grenades that have been thrown, you will have the best view of the pits and can see and feel the shrapnel hitting the glass in front of you.

             Know the supply sergeant and know where they keep the floor-wax and CLP.

             Make sure you know where the bolt cutters are and that you have ready access to them.

             A “Smoke” break is called an AAR.

             For the end of cycle equipment turn in, make sure you spray paint the entrenching tools with “Flat” black paint.

             Never discuss the location of your platoon or company guidon over the radio during Victory Forge.

             During barracks inspections, always look under the pillow cover for wall locker keys.

             Never use a clear container for carrying food or other contraband.  AKA “Snack Box”.

             On the company computer, make counseling statements that cover the most popular offenses like late to formation, disrespect, and unsecured wall lockers.  Have these printed out and available to just fill in the name, SSN, and date.  Put all counseling in writing and never recommend disciplinary action to the chain of command without counseling statements.

         Never go to any range on Ft. Jackson for any reason without your LCE and Kevlar.  Never.



    Copyright, DS Goss 2002.