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Rest Positions at the Halt
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1. Platoon, ATTENTION. RELAX. The next positions, which I will name, explain, have demonstrated, and which you will conduct practical work on, are the rest positions while at the halt.

2. These positions are used to rest an element for short periods, while at the halt.

3. The commands for these positions are Parade, REST; Stand At, EASE; AT EASE; and REST.

4. Parade, REST, and Stand At, EASE are two-part commands, with Parade and Stand At being the preparatory commands and REST and EASE are the commands of execution. AT EASE and REST are combined commands.

5. When given, these commands are as follows: Parade, REST. Stand At, EASE. AT EASE. REST.



6. Demonstrator, POST. I will use the talk-through method of instruction.

7. NOTE: Any of the rest positions may be commanded and executed from the position of attention.

8. Parade rest is commanded only from the position of attention.

9. On the command of execution REST of Parade, REST, move the left foot about 10 inches to the left of the right foot. Keep the legs straight without locking the knees, resting the weight of the body equally on the heels and balls of the feet.

10. Simultaneously, place the hands at the small of the back and centered on the belt. Keep the fingers of both hands extended and joined, interlocking the thumbs so that the palm of the right hand is outward.

11. Keep the head and eyes as in the position of attention. Remain silent and do not move unless otherwise directed. Stand At Ease, At Ease, and Rest may be executed from this position.

12. On the command of execution EASE of Stand At, EASE, execute parade rest, and turn the head and eyes directly toward the person in charge of the formation. At Ease or Rest may be executed from this position.

13. On the command AT EASE, the soldier may move, however, he must remain standing and silent with the right foot in place. Rest may be executed from this position.

14. On the command REST, the soldier may move, talk, smoke, or drink unless otherwise directed. He must remain standing with his right foot in place. At Ease may be executed from this position.

15. NOTE: On the preparatory command for attention, immediately assume parade rest when at the position of stand at ease, at ease, or rest. If, for some reason, a subordinate element is already at attention, the members of the element remain so and do not execute parade rest on the preparatory command, nor does the subordinate leader give a supplementary command.

16. At normal cadence, these positions would look as follows: Demonstrator, ATTENTION. Parade, REST. Stand At, EASE. AT EASE. REST. AT EASE.

17. What are your questions pertaining to these positions when executed at normal cadence or using the talk-through method of instruction?

18. Demonstrator, ATTENTION. You will now become my assistant instructor. FALL OUT.



19. Platoon, ATTENTION. I will use the talk-through method of instruction.


Copyright, DS Goss 2002.