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Drill Sergeant Goss
Facing to the Left Flank
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1. First and Second Squad, FALL OUT, U-Formation, FALL IN. AT EASE. The next movement, which I will name, explain, have demonstrated, and which you will conduct practical work on, is facing to the left flank, while at the halt.

2. This movement is used to face an element 90 degrees to the left flank, while at the halt.

3. The command for this movement is Left, FACE.

4. Left, FACE is a two-part command, Left is the preparatory command, and FACE is the command of execution.

5. When given, this command is as follows: Left, FACE.


6. Demonstrator, POST. I will use the by-the-numbers method of instruction.

7. Facing to the left flank is a two-count movement. On the command of execution FACE of Left, FACE, this being count one, slightly raise the right heel and left toe, and turn 90 degrees to the left on the left heel, assisted by a slight pressure on the ball of the right foot. Keep the left leg straight without stiffness and allow the right leg to bend naturally. NOTE: Throughout this movement, the remainder of the body remains as in the position of attention. By-the-numbers, Left, FACE.

8. On count two, place the right foot alongside the left foot, resuming the position of attention. Arms remain at the sides, as in the position of attention, throughout this movement. Ready, TWO. Left, FACE. Ready, TWO.

9. At normal cadence, this movement is as follows: Without-the-numbers, Left, FACE. Left, FACE. AT EASE.

10. What are your questions pertaining to this movement when executed at normal cadence or using the by-the-numbers method of instruction?

11. Demonstrator, ATTENTION. You will now become my assistant instructor. FALL OUT.



12. Platoon, ATTENTION. I will use the by-the-numbers method of instruction.


Copyright, DS Goss 2002.